Wicknell Chivayo Denies Extortion Claims, Calls Voice Messages "Sophisticated Technology" and "Fraudulent"

Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo is vehemently denying allegations of corruption and extortion swirling around him on social media. 

These accusations, disseminated through voice messages, claim Chivayo wields undue influence over government officials and intends to facilitate illicit payments. Chivayo refutes these claims in a comprehensive statement, outlining his position and vowing legal action against the perpetrators.

A Categorical Denial: Chivayo Dismisses Voice Notes as Fabricated

Chivayo begins his statement by unequivocally rejecting the voice messages attributed to him. He maintains he never recorded them and condemns them as "fraudulent" creations designed to spread misinformation. 

He believes this smear campaign stems from "two excitable individuals" – Mike Chimombe and cwho allegedly made "outrageous demands" for payments without any legal basis. Chivayo dismisses them as "extortionists and fraudsters" resorting to intimidation tactics.

Maintaining Innocence: No Government Contracts or Undue Influence

Chivayo adamantly denies having any business dealings with Chimombe and Mpofu or any connection to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), Department of Immigration, or Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) as implied in the voice messages. 
Chivayo Denies Extortion Claims, Calls Voice Messages "Sophisticated Technology" and "Fraudulent"
Chivayo Denies Extortion Claims, Calls Voice Messages "Sophisticated Technology" and "Fraudulent"
He encourages these government entities to confirm his lack of involvement in their procurement processes.

He clarifies his position as a "card-carrying member" of ZANU PF and denies exerting any influence over the President, his family, or government officials.

Apologies Issued and Investigations Promised

Chivayo expresses his sincere apologies to President Mnangagwa, the First Lady, and any government official potentially tarnished by the fake voice messages. He extends his remorse to all Director Generals who might have been misconstrued as implicated in the alleged corruption. Furthermore, he pledges his full cooperation with a comprehensive investigation by the appropriate authorities, vowing to expose the truth behind this malicious campaign.

Maintaining Business Reputation: A Law-Abiding Citizen

Chivayo concludes by reiterating his reputation as a law-abiding businessman. He condemns corruption and all "illicit, criminal or unethical conduct." He promises a thorough investigation into this matter and the public disclosure of its findings. This statement serves as a strong rebuttal against the accusations and underscores Chivayo's commitment to clearing his name.

Only time will tell what the official investigation uncovers. However, Chivayo's detailed response sheds light on the allegations and his intention to fight them head-on.

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