Lloyd Chipomho, Father of Moana Amuli's Daughter, Passes Away

Harare, Zimbabwe - In a tragic turn of events, Lloyd Chipomho, the father of the late fitness trainer and video vixen Michelle "Moana" Amuli's daughter, has passed away. 

The news, shared by blogger The RooM Of Confessions on Facebook, has left Zimbabweans in shock and mourning.

Details of Chipomho's Death Remain Scarce

The specific cause of death and funeral arrangements for Chipomho have not been released. The sudden loss of the young father has left many heartbroken, particularly for the daughter he leaves behind, who is now an orphan.

A Heartbreaking Loss for Moana's Daughter

Zimbabweans have expressed deep sadness and condolences to the Chipomho family, sharing messages of sympathy and support on social media. Many have expressed their sorrow for Moana Amuli and her daughter, who now faces the immense pain of losing both parents.

A Brief Look at Moana and Lloyd's Relationship

Moana Amuli and Lloyd Chipomho were once a couple and shared a daughter, Tyra. Their relationship was well-documented, with Moana attending Face to Face Academy to repeat her Ordinary Level studies after only passing two subjects. 
Lloyd Chipomho, Father of Moana Amuli's Daughter, Passes Away
Lloyd Chipomho, Father of Moana Amuli's Daughter, Passes Away
While the details of their separation remain unclear, their love for their daughter was evident.

A Double Tragedy: Losing Both Parents at a Young Age

Tragically, Moana's life was cut short in a horrific car accident on November 8, 2020. The Rolls-Royce Wraith she was traveling in, driven by her friend Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure, collided head-on with three other vehicles before bursting into flames. This devastating accident claimed the lives of Moana, Ginimbi, and two other passengers.

A Daughter Left Behind to Face Immense Grief

The passing of Lloyd Chipomho adds another layer of tragedy to the already heart-wrenching story of Moana Amuli. His death leaves Tyra, Moana's daughter, facing the immense grief of losing both parents at a young age. 

Zimbabweans are sending prayers and condolences to Tyra and her family during this difficult time.

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