Dorcas Moyo Nominated For Prestigious Africa Best Female Gospel Musician Award

Gospel artist Dorcas Moyo has made waves in the music industry, and her talent has not gone unnoticed. 

She has been nominated for the prestigious Africa Best Female Gospel Musician Award, a recognition of her outstanding contributions to the gospel music scene. The event, scheduled for August, is the Christian Legendary and Impact Makers Awards (CLIMA), an occasion that celebrates the unity of Christ in Africa and honors musicians for their significant contributions to God’s Kingdom.

Representing Zimbabwe on the Global Stage

Moyo is proudly representing Zimbabwe in the 2024 Africa Best Female Gospel Musician category, where she faces tough competition from renowned artists such as Yadah and Mercy Chinwo from Nigeria, Winnie Mashaba from South Africa, Janet Otieno from Kenya, and Deborah Lukalu from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
Dorcas Moyo Nominated For Prestigious Africa Best Female Gospel Musician Award
Dorcas Moyo Nominated For Prestigious Africa Best Female Gospel Musician Award
Known affectionately as Dorcas in music circles, she has continually elevated her musical prowess with each release, earning her a spot among the most respected names in African gospel music.

A Musical Journey of Success

Moyo's musical journey has been marked by significant milestones. Her 2023 album, “Mhanza Haisekwi,” featuring Zimbabwean sungura music maestro Alick Macheso, propelled her to great success. This year, she continued her momentum with another album titled “Mvere Dzabvepi,” solidifying her dominance in the gospel music arena. Her dedication to creating meaningful and uplifting music has resonated with audiences across Africa and beyond.

Honored and Humbled

Expressing her gratitude for the nomination, Moyo said, “This is one of the greatest honors ever conferred upon me. I am truly excited and very much humbled by the recognition.” She added, “The mere mention of my name by such a prestigious platform is an unbelievable reality. It is my first nomination by CLIMA, and that alone is motivation enough. Winning the award would be a bonus.”

Rallying Support from Fans

Encouraging her fans in Zimbabwe to support her, Moyo humbly requested, “As DM Music, I am appealing to all my fellow Zimbabweans to vote for me.” Voting is open on from July 1 to August 31. Moyo's nomination is not just a personal achievement but also a moment of pride for her country, as she represents Zimbabwe on the global stage of African gospel music.

Dorcas Moyo's journey as a gospel artist is an inspiring example of talent, hard work, and dedication. Her nomination for the Africa Best Female Gospel Musician Award is a testament to her impact on the music industry and her commitment to spreading messages of hope and faith through her music.

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