Mary Mubaiwa’s Declining Health - A Story of Illness, Legal Battles, and Denied Access to Care

Former Zimbabwean Second Lady, Mary Mubaiwa, is facing a heart-wrenching battle on two fronts – a debilitating illness and a legal system that has severely restricted her access to potentially life-saving treatment. 

Recently, Mubaiwa underwent a leg amputation, a devastating consequence of her worsening health and a stark reminder of the limitations placed upon her.

A Diagnosis with Devastating Consequences

Mubaiwa suffers from acute lymphoedema, a condition that causes painful abscesses and open wounds on her limbs. Tragically, these complications led to the amputation of her right arm in September 2022. Despite this first life-altering surgery, the disease continued to progress, ultimately resulting in the recent amputation of her left leg just weeks ago.

Trapped Between Illness and Legal Battles

Adding to her plight, Mubaiwa is embroiled in legal battles that have significantly hindered her ability to seek treatment. Facing multiple charges, including attempted murder, she remains entangled in legal proceedings that have restricted her access to potentially crucial medical care abroad.
Mary Mubaiwa’s Declining Health - A Story of Illness, Legal Battles, and Denied Access to Care
Mary Mubaiwa’s Declining Health - A Story of Illness, Legal Battles, and Denied Access to Care
As part of her bail conditions, Mubaiwa had to surrender her passport, effectively trapping her within Zimbabwe’s borders despite the severity of her condition.

Denied Access to Critical Car

Mubaiwa's legal team, led by Beatrice Mtetwa, has repeatedly appealed to the courts to release her passport, citing the urgent need for specialized medical care unavailable in Zimbabwe. Despite these pleas, the requests have been consistently denied, leaving Mubaiwa in a dire situation, her health deteriorating while access to potentially life-saving treatment remains out of reach.

Public Outcry and a Nation Divided

Mubaiwa’s case has sparked public outcry and become a focal point of national debate. The severity of her condition and the limitations imposed on her travel for medical treatment have raised serious concerns about the intersection of legal proceedings and an individual's right to healthcare.

A Desperate Plea for Compassion

Beatrice Mtetwa, visibly distressed by her client’s declining health, has spoken publicly about the physical and emotional toll exacted by Mubaiwa’s ordeal. Her words echo the fears of those close to the former Second Lady, who watch helplessly as her health deteriorates.

A Case that Captures International Attention

Mary Mubaiwa’s story has garnered international attention, highlighting the complex interplay between health crises and legal constraints. 

As she fights for her life, the world watches, hoping for a compassionate resolution that prioritizes her well-being and grants her access to the urgent medical care she desperately needs.

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