Afro-Rising Star Rutendo "Frya" Maregere - A Dream Collaboration and Unwavering Voice

Rutendo "Frya" Maregere, a shining talent in the Afro-music scene, is celebrating a dream come true – a collaboration with the legendary Winky D. 

This powerhouse vocalist has been steadily carving her own path, and her recent work with Winky D on the song "Akayenda" is a major milestone that has not only landed them on the prestigious BET channel but also marked Frya's arrival as a force to be reckoned with.

A Dream Collaboration Takes Flight

For Frya, the collaboration with Winky D wasn't just a professional achievement; it was a personal one as well. "Being able to collaborate with Winky D on Akayenda has been a dream come true for me," she says. This mutual admiration between the artists, fostered through social media, culminated in the perfect opportunity to work together. 

Their creative synergy resulted in "Akayenda," a song that is currently enjoying immense popularity, reaching number two on BET.
Afro-Rising Star Rutendo "Frya" Maregere - A Dream Collaboration and Unwavering Voice
Afro-Rising Star Rutendo "Frya" Maregere - A Dream Collaboration and Unwavering Voice
Frya even had the opportunity to perform the song live with Winky D at the recent Redefined Concert, further solidifying their collaborative success.

A Wellspring of Musical Inspiration

Frya's musical journey extends far beyond this recent collaboration. She has a rich tapestry of her own music, including the album "Balance" and three EPs – "Dots," "Lifetimes," and the deluxe edition of "Lifetimes." Her sound is a captivating blend of Afrobeats, Afro Rn'B, Afropiano, and Afro Soul, reflecting the versatility in her voice, tone, and songwriting. Frya refuses to be confined to one genre, letting her creativity flow freely. This unique approach has not only garnered her a loyal fan base but also landed her music placements on platforms like the popular Netflix series "Blood and Water."

A Voice for Women in Music

Frya is more than just a talented musician; she is a role model for aspiring female artists. She recognizes the strides women are making in the music industry and embraces the responsibility that comes with it. "In 2024, women are showing the world what they can do and actively speaking up for themselves," she says. Frya uses her music and lyrics to empower others and pave the way for a more inclusive musical landscape.

Frya's journey is an inspiration to all who dare to dream big. Her talent, dedication, and unwavering spirit are propelling her to new heights. With collaborations like "Akayenda" and her own captivating music, Frya is a rising star who is sure to continue making waves in the Afro-music scene and beyond.

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