JinkoSolar and Must Zimbabwe Partner to Deliver Advanced Energy Storage Solutions in Zimbabwe

Sona Solar Zimbabwe is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership between JinkoSolar, a global leader in solar technology, and Must Zimbabwe, a major distributor of solar equipment in Zimbabwe. 

This collaboration aims to revolutionize Zimbabwe's energy landscape by introducing innovative and reliable Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

Empowering Homes and Businesses with Cutting-Edge ESS Products

The agreement paves the way for JinkoSolar to supply over 100MWh of their advanced ESS products to Must Zimbabwe. These include:
  1. Residential Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery Systems: These home-based systems provide a dependable solution for storing solar energy, ensuring uninterrupted power even during grid outages.
  2. LFP Container Storage Systems for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Applications: These larger-scale solutions cater to the specific needs of businesses, enhancing energy security and potentially reducing electricity costs.

The Advantages of JinkoSolar's ESS Technology:

JinkoSolar's ESS products are designed with several key benefits in mind:
  1. Exceptional Energy Density and Extended Lifespan: Store more energy in a compact design, guaranteeing reliable performance for years to come.
  2. Enhanced Safety Features: LFP battery technology minimizes risks associated with overcharging, over-discharging, or overheating, providing a safe and secure operation.
  3. Adaptable Design for Diverse Needs: The modular design allows for customization to fit various scenarios. Users in areas with limited space can connect battery units for increased capacity, while those in developed areas can integrate the system with the grid for optimal efficiency.

A Brighter Energy Future for Zimbabwe

This partnership between JinkoSolar and Must Zimbabwe represents a significant step towards a more secure and sustainable energy future for Zimbabwe.
JinkoSolar and Must Zimbabwe Partner to Deliver Advanced Energy Storage Solutions in Zimbabwe
JinkoSolar and Must Zimbabwe Partner to Deliver Advanced Energy Storage Solutions in Zimbabwe
Mike Guo, Head of Must Zimbabwe, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, "We are confident that our collaboration with JinkoSolar will deliver high-quality yet affordable ESS solutions to the Zimbabwean market. Together, we can strengthen the local distribution network and address the country's energy needs."

Jaffer Wang, GM of SSA at JinkoSolar,
highlights the growing demand for energy storage solutions in Africa and JinkoSolar's dedication to being part of the continent's energy transformation. He states, "Our innovative PV+ESS solutions are applicable in various settings, empowering homes, businesses, and even large-scale utility projects."

Sona Solar Zimbabwe applauds this partnership, believing it paves the way for a more dependable and environmentally friendly energy landscape in Zimbabwe.

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