The Story of Mudiwa Hood - From Humble Beginnings to Multifaceted Star!

Mudiwa Hood, a name synonymous with catchy tunes, entrepreneurial spirit, and a captivating screen presence, has carved a unique path in Zimbabwean entertainment. 

His journey, however, began far from the spotlight, showcasing his dedication and resilience.

From Chitungwiza to Scholar and Musician

Born Mudiwa Mtandwa in 1985, Hood grew up in Chitungwiza, attending Nyazura High School. He defied stereotypes by pursuing not one, but two Bachelor of Science degrees (Economics and Psychology) before obtaining a Master's in Business Administration (Finance) from Africa University. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for a diverse career path.

Embracing a family name with deeper roots, Hood began his musical journey in 2012, adopting the stage name "Hood" from his biological great-grandfather. This decision in 2019 became a legal one, reflecting his desire to reconnect with his ancestral lineage.

Early Hits and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hood's musical career kicked off at CraigBone Studios in Chitungwiza. Singles like "Chaputika Zvinestaira," "Anhu Acho Tisu," and the mega-hit "Ndaita Mari" (meaning "I Made Money" in Shona) established him as a rising force. "Ndaita Mari" dominated Zimbabwean music charts for weeks, even garnering four awards within its first year. 
The Story of Mudiwa Hood - From Humble Beginnings to Multifaceted Star!
The Story of Mudiwa Hood - From Humble Beginnings to Multifaceted Star!
Hood's entrepreneurial spirit blossomed alongside his musical success. In 2015, he launched HoodNation Records, a testament to his dedication to building his own creative space.

Chart-Topping Tracks and Brand Recognition

Hood's music transcended genres, with subsequent tracks like "Number 1" and "Mwana waMambo" occupying prominent positions on Star FM Zimbabwe's Gospel Greats charts. His versatility extended to secular music as well, with "Love yaSolo" and the Nox collaboration "Shinga" landing on Power FM Zimbabwe's top-10 chart. 

These accomplishments caught the eye of major brands like Steward Bank and Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe, who enlisted Hood as their brand ambassador, further solidifying his influence.

From Stage to Screen

Hood's talents extended beyond the music scene. In 2017, he landed a role in the ZBC TV drama series "Muzita Rababa." His portrayal of a church choir leader resonated with audiences, contributing to the series' win for Best Zimbabwe Television Series at the 2020 National Arts Merit Awards. His thirst for exploration led him to create "UnderTheHood," a reality TV program for ZBC TV in 2021.

Beyond Entertainment: Author and Mentor

Mudiwa Hood is a multifaceted individual. In 2020, he proved his intellectual prowess by authoring and launching the book "Shut Up and Make Money," demonstrating his desire to inspire and empower others.

Mudiwa Hood's story is one of unwavering dedication, artistic exploration, and a hunger for knowledge. He is a true inspiration, not only for aspiring musicians but for anyone chasing their dreams in Zimbabwe.

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