Olinda Chapel's Gain Healthcare Expands, Bringing Supported Living to South Africa

South Africa's healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of supported living services. 

This innovative approach, already successful in the US and UK, empowers individuals with disabilities and mental health disorders to thrive within their communities. Leading the charge is Olinda Chapel, founder of Gain Healthcare, a renowned international healthcare provider.

What is Supported Living

Supported living offers a unique community-based solution for individuals and families seeking assistance for their loved ones with disabilities. It prioritizes both independence and interdependence, allowing individuals to develop or maintain their daily living skills while receiving necessary support. This empowers them to live fulfilling lives within their communities.

Person-Centered Care at the Core

Chapel emphasizes a person-centered approach, ensuring diagnoses and care plans are tailored to each individual's needs. Regular training for Gain Healthcare's staff is paramount, guaranteeing they possess the latest skills and knowledge to provide exceptional support.

A Safe and Empowering Environment

Gain Healthcare prioritizes creating a safe and home-like environment. This fosters a sense of empowerment, independence, and choice for its residents. Ultimately, the aim is to enhance daily living skills and prepare individuals for potentially less-supported settings in the future.

Focus on Wellness and Inclusivity

Chapel's dedication to promoting healthy living and wellness extends beyond just physical care. Gain Healthcare embraces an inclusive decision-making process, actively involving residents in shaping the services provided. 
Olinda Chapel's Gain Healthcare Expands, Bringing Supported Living to South Africa
Olinda Chapel's Gain Healthcare Expands, Bringing Supported Living to South Africa
Monthly tenant meetings create a platform for residents to voice their opinions and ideas, fostering a sense of ownership and control. Additionally, Gain Healthcare supports residents who wish to utilize external advocacy services.

Investing in Staff Growth

Chapel recognizes the importance of a well-trained and supported staff. Regular team meetings and individual supervision sessions ensure continuous growth and development. This open communication allows staff to provide valuable feedback and contribute to improving service delivery. Annual surveys gather feedback from both staff and residents, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and service quality.

A Transparent and Supportive System

Transparency is key at Gain Healthcare. All residents and their families are thoroughly informed of the service's complaints policy and encouraged to provide feedback through individual reviews and family forums.

Empowering Healthcare Providers

Investing in staff training is a cornerstone of Gain Healthcare's philosophy. Regular training equips staff with the latest knowledge and skills in health and safety, fire awareness, infection control, first aid, and other critical areas.

Gain Healthcare: Your Partner in Supported Living

Gain Healthcare's commitment to high-quality, personalized care extends beyond supported living. They offer a comprehensive suite of services including temporary nursing and care staff, home-care services, and supported living solutions. Their dedication to responsiveness and matching the right service to your needs ensures a seamless and supportive experience.

Supported living represents a significant step forward for South Africa, offering individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live fulfilling and empowered lives within their communities.

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