Olinda Takes Charge - Ending a Marriage and Moving Forward from Tytan!

Olinda Chapel, a Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman, has taken to social media to confirm the official end of her marriage to musician Tytan. 

In a candid and empowering statement, she addressed the status of their relationship, dispelled rumors, and asserted her strength and independence.

Taking Ownership of the Narrative

Olinda wasted no time in setting the record straight. "I'm not with him, we split. I walked out of the marriage," she declared. This clear statement eliminates any ambiguity and emphasizes her agency in the decision to end the marriage. 

She further rejects the victim narrative, stating, "I am not a victim. I have never tried to be a victim. I will take responsibility and accountability for all of my actions." This self-assured approach is a powerful message of ownership and personal accountability.

A Message to Speculators and Ex's Entourage

Olinda's statement wasn't without a touch of sass. She fired a warning shot at those spreading rumors and those seeking attention through Tytan. "These little girls dating him, don’t come for me, don’t try to date me through my ex," she declared. 
Olinda Takes Charge - Ending a Marriage and Moving Forward
Olinda Takes Charge - Ending a Marriage and Moving Forward
This puts a stop to speculation and sets a clear boundary. Her next statement is laced with confidence: "He looked good stood next to me, I admit it. But that was all me. Vamwe tine chipo chekusimudza marombe kubva muhuruva,” she stated, (translated: "Some of us have the gift of polishing diamonds in the rough"). This playful jab highlights the influence she had on Tytan's public image.

Closure and Moving Forward

Olinda shed light on the timeline of their separation, revealing, "We have not been together for a very long time. I walked out. I dumped him." This disclosure provides closure and underscores her decisiveness in ending the marriage. The public's response has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many applauding her honesty and strength.

Olinda's journey is one of courage, self-awareness, and a commitment to moving forward. By taking control of the narrative and embracing responsibility for her choices, she has inspired others and emerged a stronger, more self-assured individual - zimetro.co.zw

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