Peter Moyo Embraces Acting - Overcoming Criticism and Finding Success on a New Stage

Utakataka Express frontman Peter Moyo is a force to be reckoned with in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry. 

While music fans have long admired his electrifying stage presence, Moyo recently surprised audiences with his foray into acting. This wasn't a universally welcomed move, but Moyo's unwavering determination and undeniable talent have seen him overcome criticism and carve a niche for himself in the acting world.

A Childhood Dream Takes Root:

Moyo's passion for acting stretches back to his childhood. Though music initially took precedence, the opportunity to create comedic skits reignited his interest in performing. He dived headfirst into this new venture, but not without facing initial resistance. "When I started doing skits five or so years back, I got a backlash from people who thought I wasn't a focused guy," Moyo recalls. 
Peter Moyo Embraces Acting - Overcoming Criticism and Finding Success on a New Stage
Peter Moyo Embraces Acting - Overcoming Criticism and Finding Success on a New Stage
This negativity stemmed from a misunderstanding, but it highlighted the challenges artists face when venturing outside their comfort zones.

Building a Fanbase, Facing Adversity:

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns presented an unexpected platform for Moyo's comedic talents. His skits, often featuring the hilarious Lorraine Guyo, resonated with audiences grappling with the stresses of home confinement. While his fanbase grew, so did the negativity. "I was ridiculed by some of my fans who vowed to turn their backs on me claiming that I was a bit lost," Moyo says. 

These doubts were likely fueled by unfounded rumors about his relationship with Guyo. However, Moyo remained steadfast, confident in his artistic vision and the value of collaboration.

Finding Support and Guidance:

Moyo's dedication to his craft and the unwavering support of his wife, Rutendo Makamache, proved crucial in weathering the storm of criticism. Makamache, initially apprehensive due to misinformation, ultimately understood the situation. "Some people lied to her that Lorraine and I were an item," Moyo explains, emphasizing their familial bond, "but to be honest, she is my niece. 

We are related and I don't have feelings for her." With his personal life in order and his focus unwavering, Moyo was ready to take his acting career to the next level.

A Mentor Emerges, A New Role Takes Shape:

A chance encounter with acting legend Doc Vikela proved to be a turning point. A longtime admirer of Vikela's work, Moyo landed an acting role under his tutelage. Vikela, known for his keen eye for talent, recognized Moyo's potential beyond his musical prowess. "I was used to talking a lot when acting," Moyo says, "but Doc Vikela told me that I could be an actor without doing a lot of talking." 

Vikela saw the quiet intensity that Moyo brought to the stage and cast him as a bodyguard, a role that allowed Moyo's presence to command attention.

Success Breeds Confidence and New Horizons:

Moyo's willingness to take risks and embrace new challenges has paid off handsomely. He acknowledges the valuable advice of Doc Vikela, stating, "With the advice of Doc Vikela, I have also noted that there is nothing wrong with me being a multi-tasking person." 

He has successfully transitioned into the dual role of musician and actor, expanding his brand and fanbase in the process. "The two roles have also boosted my brand and it took a good huge gamble and patience. I am on cloud nine," he beams.

Peter Moyo's story is an inspiration to aspiring artists. It demonstrates the importance of perseverance in the face of doubt and the power of embracing new opportunities. Moyo's artistic journey is far from over, and audiences can expect to be entertained by his electrifying performances for years to come, whether on stage belting out a tune or gracing the screen with his captivating presence.

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