Enhance Your Solar Energy System with Must Lithium Batteries from Sona Solar Zimbabwe

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we prioritize maximizing the potential of your solar power system. A crucial element in achieving this goal is reliable energy storage. 

Therefore, we are proud to introduce Must Lithium batteries, a premier choice for homeowners and businesses in Zimbabwe seeking a durable, efficient, and safe energy storage solution.

Our research on Must Lithium batteries highlights several key features that make them a compelling option for your solar energy needs in Zimbabwe:

  1. Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Technology: Must Lithium batteries leverage cutting-edge LiFePO4 technology. This technology is renowned for its inherent safety, extended lifespan, and exceptional stability. Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries exhibit a lower risk of thermal runaway, a critical safety concern.
  2. Extended Lifespan: Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, Must Lithium batteries boast a significantly longer lifespan. This translates to fewer battery replacements over time, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings.
  3. Enhanced Depth of Discharge: Must Lithium batteries can be safely discharged to a greater depth compared to lead-acid batteries. This allows you to utilize a larger portion of your stored solar energy, maximizing the effectiveness of your solar power system, particularly during extended grid outages.
  4. High Discharge Rate: Must Lithium batteries deliver a high discharge rate, ensuring consistent and reliable power for your appliances and equipment even during peak usage periods.
  5. Compact and Lightweight Design: Must Lithium batteries are considerably lighter and more compact than lead-acid batteries of equivalent capacity. This facilitates easier installation and integration into your existing solar power system.
  6. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Must Lithium batteries are engineered to perform reliably in a wider range of temperatures compared to lead-acid batteries. This is particularly advantageous in the Zimbabwean climate, ensuring optimal performance throughout the year.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe: Your Trusted Partner for Must Lithium Batteries

When you choose Must Lithium batteries from Sona Solar Zimbabwe, you gain more than just a high-quality product:
  1. Expert Advice and System Design: Our team of qualified solar specialists will meticulously assess your energy needs and recommend the appropriate Must Lithium battery model to seamlessly integrate with your existing or new solar power system.
  2. Seamless Installation: Our certified technicians will handle the entire battery installation process efficiently and safely, ensuring optimal system performance and adherence to all relevant safety regulations.
  3. Comprehensive After-Sales Support: We are dedicated to providing ongoing support. We are here to answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure your Must Lithium batteries operate smoothly for years to come.

Embrace Sustainable Energy Independence with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

By combining the exceptional performance of Must Lithium batteries with Sona Solar Zimbabwe's expertise, you unlock the true potential of solar power. 
Enhance Your Solar Energy System with Must Lithium Batteries from Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Enhance Your Solar Energy System with Must Lithium Batteries from Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Gain greater energy independence, reduce reliance on the grid, and enjoy the peace of mind of a reliable backup power source.

Solar Panel, Batteries, Inverters Costs - Price Catalogue for Solar Products in Zimbabwe (May 2024):

Solar Inverter Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Must Inverter Sizes Prices
Must Inverter (145VDC)-12Volts 1kVA $180USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-24Volts 3kVA $200USD
Must Inverter (160VDC)-24Volts 3.2kVA $210USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-48Volts 5kVA $400USD
Must Inverter (450VDC)-48Volts 5.2kVA (Pro) $420USD

Solar Inverter Prices: Available After A 24Hour Pre-Order

Brand Name Axpert Inverter Series Sizes Prices
OWOS Axpert Inverter (48Volts) 5.6kVA (450VDC) $450USD
Palitron/Omega (48Volts) 6kVA (450VDC) $530USD
Axpert Max (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $900USD
Axpert Max II (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $1000USD
Axpert Max Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1100USD
Axpert Max II Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1200USD

Lithium Battery Prices:

Brand Name Battery Sizes Prices
Polaris Lithium Battery (100aH) 12Volts $300USD
Meritsun Lithium Battery (100aH) 24Volts $450USD
Must Lithium Battery(100aH) 24Volts $500USD
Must Lithium Battery (100aH) 48Volts $900USD

Solar Panels Prices:

Brand Name Solar Panel Sizes Prices
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM405M-54HL4-V) (37Volts) 405Watts $70USD
JA Solar Panels (JAM54S30 395-420-MR) (37Volts) 410Watts $70USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM440N-54HL4R-V) (39Volts) 440Watts $80USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM480M-7RL3-V) (52Volts) 480Watts $80USD

Protection Kit Prices:

Brand Name Breaker Sizes Prices
DC Breaker 65Amps $10USD
Battery Breaker 125Amps $10USD
Surge Protection Device 65Amps $10USD

Solar Accessories in Zimbabwe:

Product Name Sizes Prices
DC Cables (Red and Black) 0.6mm $1.30USD/metre
Battery Cables (Pair) 24mm $20 (Pair)USD
Distribution Box 12Way $15USD
Anti-Theft Clips Small $1USD (Each)
Solar PanelRails 6 Metres $18USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 50x50 $10USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 40x40 $10USD (Each)

Contact Sona Solar Zimbabwe today! Our team is eager to discuss how Must Lithium batteries can be seamlessly integrated into your custom solar solution and empower you to harness the clean energy of the sun for a sustainable future.

Note: Information availability regarding Must Lithium batteries in Zimbabwe can be limited. Sona Solar Zimbabwe is a reputable supplier with expertise in this area. We recommend reaching out to our team for the latest information on specific Must Lithium battery models and their suitability for your needs.

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