Betrayal at the Pulpit: Visually-Impaired Pastor Evicted by Church He Served for 19 Years

Pastor Obert Madoromadi, a pillar of faith for nearly two decades at Christ Ministries, now finds himself at a crossroads – homeless and disillusioned after being evicted by the very church he dedicated his service to.

A Life Dedicated to the Ministry, Now Cast Out

The 58-year-old pastor, who lost his sight battling diabetes, has spent the past week enduring the harsh realities of homelessness, sleeping rough and guarding his meager belongings piled by the roadside. His children's education is now in jeopardy as the eviction has disrupted their schooling.

Speaking to H-Metro, Pastor Madoromadi's voice cracks with a deep sense of betrayal. "I poured my heart and soul into this ministry for over 19 years," he recounts. "I helped open new branches and served tirelessly. Now, they cast me out like a villain, treating me with such cruelty."

Caught in the Maelstrom of a Power Struggle

The reason behind the eviction seems to be entangled in a bitter power struggle that erupted within Christ Ministries following the death of its founder, Cuthbert Makoni. 
Betrayal at the Pulpit: Visually-Impaired Pastor Evicted by Church He Served for 19 Years
Betrayal at the Pulpit: Visually-Impaired Pastor Evicted by Church He Served for 19 Years
Pastor Madoromadi reportedly sided with Makoni's son, Collin Zondai Makoni, in the dispute with the founder's mother over church leadership.

A Fight for Fairness Turns into a Fight for Survival

Pastor Madoromadi sheds light on the situation: "We, along with others, supported the founder's son. They targeted me for advocating for a raise in our monthly allowance, a pittance barely enough to educate our children. Can you imagine living on $3 a month? Now I'm left with nothing."

The Church's Rebuttal: A Matter of Disobeying Authority

Dr. Godfrey Kanyenze, secretary-general of Christ Ministries, offers a contrasting narrative. He claims Pastor Madoromadi's eviction stemmed from violating a court order.

"He disrespected our tradition by opposing the founder's mother," Dr. Kanyenze states. "We are aware of the internal factions, but Pastor Madoromadi actively campaigned for the son. His visual impairment doesn't excuse his actions."

A Community Fractured, a Future Uncertain

The conflicting narratives lay bare a deep schism within Christ Ministries. Pastor Madoromadi's story raises critical questions about the treatment of loyal church servants and the potential misuse of power within religious institutions. Does faith take a backseat to internal politics?

As Pastor Madoromadi grapples to rebuild his life, the future of Christ Ministries hangs in the balance. Can the church heal from this internal conflict, or will it continue down a path of division and broken trust? 

The answer may depend on whether the church prioritizes its core values of compassion and forgiveness, or allows itself to be consumed by the flames of internal strife.

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