Michael Magz Impersonator Makes Off with Deposit - Deceptive Doppelganger Dupes Show Organiser

A show organizer in Harare recently fell victim to a cunning impersonator, losing US$70 in the process. 

The culprit, posing as the popular musician Michael "Michael Magz" Magondo, agreed to perform at a venue in Epworth but vanished without a trace after receiving a deposit.

Imposter Exploits Name Similarity

The imposter, whose real identity remains unknown, used the shared first name "Michael" to gain the organizer's trust. This tactic, unfortunately, proved effective, leading the organizer to believe they were communicating with the genuine Michael Magz.

Michael Magz Sets the Record Straight

The real Michael Magz completely denies ever agreeing to perform at the Epworth venue. He emphasizes the importance of verifying an artist's identity directly before sending any deposits. Magz highlights the prevalence of impersonators who exploit artists' names for personal gain.

Show Organizer Left Disappointed

Tatenda Chigwida, also known as DJ Rider, facilitated the booking and became the target of the imposter's scheme. DJ Rider recounted the details of the communication, including the agreed-upon fee, performance duration, and the initial deposit sent via EcoCash. 
Michael Magz Impersonator Makes Off with Deposit - Deceptive Doppelganger Dupes Show Organiser
Michael Magz Impersonator Makes Off with Deposit
He expressed his disappointment at the situation, particularly the calculated way the imposter blocked his calls after receiving the money.

Lessons Learned: Importance of Verification

This incident serves as a stark reminder for event organizers to exercise caution when booking artists online. Verifying the artist's identity through official channels and social media presence is crucial before sending any deposits.

A Call to Action

While this story exposes the deceitful tactics of impersonators, it also highlights the importance of supporting genuine artists. By directly contacting artists or established booking agents, event organizers can ensure a successful and legitimate booking experience.

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