Christ Embassy Headquarters Fire - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Vows to Rebuild Bigger and More Glorious

Early Sunday morning, a fire ripped through the Christ Embassy headquarters in Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Images and videos of the blaze quickly spread across social media, sparking concern and prayers from the church's global community.

Pastor Chris Offers Inspiring Message

In a powerful display of leadership, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and president of Christ Embassy (LoveWorld Incorporated), addressed the fire during a live broadcast from the church's Lagos campground. While acknowledging the devastation, Pastor Chris emphasized a message of optimism and resilience.

Fire as an Opportunity for Greater Glory

Pastor Chris highlighted the widespread attention the fire garnered on social media, underlining the church's far-reaching influence. He then drew a comparison to the 2001 Ikeja cantonment bombing, where the Christ Embassy building surprisingly withstood the powerful vibrations. 
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Vows to Rebuild Bigger and More Glorious
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Vows to Rebuild Bigger and More Glorious
This prior experience, Pastor Chris explained, instilled in him a belief in the church's enduring strength.

Building Anew: A Grander Vision

Drawing inspiration from the 2001 incident, Pastor Chris declared his unwavering determination to rebuild the fire-damaged headquarters. He envisioned a new structure even more magnificent and beautiful than before. "[Quote] We will build a bigger, better, and more glorious one, and the devil will lick his wounds," he passionately declared, emphasizing his unwavering faith.

A Testimony of Faith

Pastor Chris' message resonated with his belief that nothing in the life of a believer happens by chance. He referenced his thoughts after the 2001 bombing, expressing his initial desire to construct a grander building if the original structure had been compromised. He highlighted the building's resilience then and reiterated his unwavering commitment to an even more glorious future for the church.

Community Response and Relief

The Lagos Fire Service responded swiftly to the blaze, effectively managing the situation. Thankfully, no casualties were reported, bringing a wave of relief and gratitude to the church community.

This event serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of Christ Embassy and its leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. In the face of adversity, the church is poised to emerge stronger, its future marked by an even more magnificent headquarters and a continued commitment to its global mission.

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