The Checkered Past of Tafadzwa Chidawa - From Cop to Crimefighter to Criminal?

Tafadzwa Chidawa, or "Detective Kedha" as he's better known, is a Zimbabwean figure who has courted notoriety for his perplexing life choices. 

His journey cuts across police work, political aspirations, online anti-crime vigilantism, and brushes with the law that paint a picture of a complex and controversial character.

Early Days and Enforcer Image

Details about Chidawa's early life are shrouded in secrecy. However, his rise to fame stemmed from his service in the Zimbabwe Republic Police. While specific details of his career are limited, Chidawa garnered public attention during his tenure, though often for the wrong reasons. 

Controversial incidents dogged his police career, culminating in his departure from the force in 2019.

Political Aspirations and Stepping Out of Uniform

In 2023, Chidawa attempted to shed his police persona and enter the political arena, contesting a parliamentary seat for the Zanu PF party. However, his efforts were unsuccessful, and he remained on the fringes of power.

From Police Work to Social Media Vigilante

Following his exit from the police force, Chidawa transformed himself into a social media personality. He gained a significant following on Facebook, live-streaming his pursuits of criminals, particularly thieves, pickpockets, and con artists. 
The Checkered Past of Tafadzwa Chidawa
The Checkered Past of Tafadzwa Chidawa
Chidawa's online persona, "Detective Kedha," showcased him apprehending criminals, exposing their tactics, and seemingly aiding law enforcement in curbing criminal activity. A notable case involved Chidawa thwarting two "chadonha" scammers in Harare, a feat documented through his Facebook live stream.

A Tarnished Badge: The Shadow of Controversy

Chidawa's past, however, casts a long shadow. Multiple arrests on serious charges paint a contrasting picture to his online persona. In 2014, he faced charges of malicious damage to property, accused of smashing a commuter omnibus windshield. A more serious incident arose in 2019 when Chidawa, alongside other officers, was accused of robbing a money changer of US$11,000 after initially accepting a bribe to release confiscated funds.

A Fall From Grace: Recent Theft Allegations

The most recent chapter in Chidawa's story further tarnishes his reputation. In September 2023, authorities issued an alert for his arrest over an alleged vehicle theft from a ZIMRA car yard. This incident was followed by a January 2024 arrest for allegedly stealing a US$12,000 Toyota Hilux from South Africa and smuggling it into Zimbabwe. Chidawa is also accused of fraudulently registering the vehicle and selling it to an unsuspecting buyer. Adding another layer to the legal quagmire, Chidawa faces additional fraud charges related to a separate undelivered vehicle purchase.

Awaiting Justice: The Unfolding Drama

Chidawa's legal battle is ongoing. Denied bail due to the severity of the charges and potential flight risk, Chidawa awaits his fate in the face of these serious allegations. This latest episode adds another dimension to his already controversial past, leaving the public wondering if Detective Kedha is a crime fighter or a cunning criminal mastermind.

A Life of Duality

Tafadzwa Chidawa's life story is a perplexing one. His political ambitions, career in law enforcement, and subsequent forays into vigilantism paint a picture of a man in constant flux. The controversies surrounding his alleged criminal activity stand in stark contrast to his initial public image as a crime-fighting officer. 
The Checkered Past of Tafadzwa Chidawa - From Cop to Crimefighter to Criminal?
The Checkered Past of Tafadzwa Chidawa - From Cop to Crimefighter to Criminal?

Only time will tell how this drama unfolds, but one thing is certain: Detective Kedha's story is far from over.

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