What You Need To Know About Solar Packages in Zimbabwe!

We have all become too familiar with phrases like 3KVA System, 5KVA System, 10KVA System etc for our installation in Zimbabwe haven't we? 

Well, a great bulk of dealerships that use this language will not be telling the truth as this rating should be referring to the total PV array, not the inverter size. That means a 3KVA System with 300W panels should have 10 x 300Watt panels for it to work properly. 

But since the main thrust of this presentation is not to discuss system ratings, We will immediately get to the heart of my subject What You Need To Know About Solar Packages in Zimbabwe!

A properly designed Solar System is one that is custom designed. Ideally, a site assessment visit should be done for the purposes of doing a Load Audit. The data collected from this exercise is the one that must be used to properly design a Solar System for your Home or Business in Zmbabwe.
What You Need To Know About Solar Packages in Zimbabwe!
What You Need To Know About Solar Packages in Zimbabwe!
The idea of Solar Packages can be quite misleading and may result in oversized systems or undersized systems being installed. A good Solar Company must have Technicians or Engineers who are good at system Sizing and Designing. 

  1. Total Power Consumption.
  2. Total wattage of all the loads should they be simultaneously run.
  3. Total running hours of each appliance.
  4. Availability or non availability of grid supply.
  5. Roof type and slope.
  6. Direction facing roof etc.

All these mentioned factors should help us to understand why Selling and Buying packages is not such a good idea. As a dealer you may install a system that will give you serious challenges - and as the client you may be unnecessarily buying what you don't need i.e an oversized system.

In the worst case scenario, you may be supplied an undersized system that may fail to meet your requirements. An undersized system will shorten the Batteries' life span as they will be cycling more and discharging deeply every time. 

The inverter may also be strained by heavy loads and end up giving in sooner.

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