Get The Best Quality Solar Batteries In Zimbabwe from Sona Solar Zimbabwe

Are you looking for a reliable genuine solar battery in Zimbabwe? Check our collection of Solar Power Storage Batteries and Solar Battery Accessories in Zimbabwe.

We stock a wide range of solar batteries from reputable brands such as Must, Chloride Exide, Trojan, Gaston, Luminous, Eastman, Ritar and Dayliff. Solar Batteries come in handy for homes or businesses that have solar panels installed and are looking to store the solar power for usage when there is no sunlight or as a backup power storage system when there is a blackout. 

Solar Batteries come in various capacities with the most popular and practical ones being the 100AH, 150AH and the 200AH Solar Batteries. 
Get The Best Quality Solar Batteries In Zimbabwe from Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Get The Best Quality Solar Batteries In Zimbabwe from Sona Solar Zimbabwe
The 200AH Solar Battery storage system offers the most storage capacity for your solar power.

Solar Batteries by Types in Zimbabwe:

Our Solar Batteries include Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), GEL Batteries, AGM Batteries. Solar Batteries come in these major types. These types are dependent on the technologies used to build them or how they store power. 

Sona Solar Zimbabwe offers you a variety of each battery where you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You will find all types of Solar Batteries listed by models, brands, capacity, if you use the right criteria, we can almost guarantee you will find solar batteries of your choice, also take advantage of the solar battery deals and offers to get a more affordable price on the listed solar batteries. You can search for solar batteries with their brand name, such as Must Solar Batteries or you can filter by price.

Discover Solar Batteries at Lowest Prices Online in Zimbabwe

Our pricing for solar batteries is considerate, fair and beats any other competition out there, we are direct importers of solar batteries, this means we source our solar batteries directly from the manufacturers and hence we can assure our customers of the authenticity of our batteries as well as price our products more competitively. Whether new or used, you will find solar batteries that will serve your needs for solar power storage as well as last you long enough as a power backup system.

The most common brand of Solar Batteries like Must, Eastman, Ritar and Luminous are quite popular even though there are others, most people prefer the big brands to the not-so-popular ones and this is understandable. Whatever brand of solar battery for power storage or power backup you are looking for, you will get what you want here.

Whatever Solar Battery or solar power storage you buy from us is no doubt authentic but won’t cost you fortune and many wrongly believe should be the case, when you are ready to buy your solar batteries, then you are ready to join lots happy home owners who opt for only the best in solar power storage and power backup.

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